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Gotta Go Smell the Crayon Cans, The Crayon War Second Chances Crayon Wars Book 2 Yes, you get Passion Brands Why Some Brands Are Just Gotta.
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Ammonia in Windex also makes my mouth water. Ever since I was a boy, I remember the smell of exhaust! Well, her and her mom were stuck in the snow and were trying to get their car started — well, little did I know I was about to experience something that would stick with me for the rest of my life! I was only about 6 and knew nothing about cars or how they worked! That smell has stuck with me forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh how I miss those old cars!!!! Still LOVE warming up the car in the winter!!!!!!! Sooooooooo hot!!! We went to a restaurant to eat, that had that smell. It was intoxicating!

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I have never experienced anything like this before. I am craving for the smell of my store room I would just open up my store room door everyday and keep breathing in the air that was inside. When I go to the supermarket I go to the laundry products and smell them all. Lately I enjoy the smell of window cleaners and air wick car air freshener. Gasoline is the absolute best smell for me.

I can never get enough.

Why Pregnancy Can Make You Have Weird Cravings

I love to catch whiffs of it in the air. MY cravings are so strong sometimes it is irritating. Unfortunately I tend towards Benzene smells and the cravings can be a pain in the butt, more irritating than a craving for a drink or smoke or piece of chocolate, though I suspect one of these things may be a cure. Sometimes Cucumber, I crave the smell and to eat it.

When my mum got sick with cancer, she said she craved chemical smells too. I have read about pica, knew about it a long time ago. Yeah, petrol for me. We put all used wrung out tea bags into a jar with about an inch of petrol in it and use them to light the fire so I have volunteered to light the fire every night. I only like the scent, not the giddiness you can get if you properly inhale. I actually feel euphoric when I smell it!! Euphoria is an understatement!!!!!!!! I gotta untuck my shirt and let it hang out because if I am stuck behind a freshly turned on car, I will turn on the vents intentionally so it draws in all of the hydrocarbons, etc.

I also love when a car has been idling for a while — the exhaust pipe aimed at the ground and when the car takes off, the huge Stain from the steam that it leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo sexy! OMG — makes me wet!!!!!! I love the smell of vacums, laundry detergent, new car, a. But I love the smells. I wish they made candles in those scents. Always have loved vacuum smell. Crave the smell of Cold Power lemon fresh laundry powder, the smell of my vacuum turned on and my partners lawn mower turned on. Peppermint, Vicks Vapor Rub and Bleach do it for me.

It seemed like it only was like this after the birth of my son. I love the smell of the elevators, escalator, filtered air on the train and air conditioners. I just started it a few months ago and I cannot stop smelling them. I wish I knew why bc its driving me crazy i take elevators just to smell it. Does anyone know if this means I have a vitamin deficiency or I am anemic so could it be that? Can anyone please help? At least not like I thought I was, haha.

I can totally relate to just how intense these cravings can be…OMG! I feel stick between the two! SO close but one note too short.

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I am with you with every single smell listed apart from hair driers! I often visit random tire garages just to huff the heady fumes-new carpet and old library booms are my biggest and getting progressively worse!! I thought I was just pure odd! I know you made this post awhile ago so I hope you read this. I will say though, that having a craving for chewing ice has been linked again and again to anemia so that might be something that you want to look into. Everything on your list. The smell of foam and new sneakers is my favourite. As a child I really felt addicted to the smell of an old moist bath sponge that I had sounds grose.

I also remember having found a very old empty juice box that I once filled with water and drank out of it with a straw because the smell and taste of the content was amazing for me…I realized soon after, shocked, that the pleasant taste of the water was due to the putrid leftover old juice that was still on the bottom of the box got really grossed when I discovered that and stopped drinking immediately!

This event later led me to think that what I crave has to do with a certain type of bacteria, present in the decaying process. Maybe I lack some good gut bacteria. Any thoughts on this, anyone? Also, glad to have found this article and all these replies. Feels good to know others go through similar things. Idk if this post is still active.

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I get on my hands and knees and stick my head inside the cupboard under the kitchen sink to get that old musty smell. I also have a favourite old sweeping brush that I keep nearby and will bury my nose in the bristles and inhale. Sometimes feel like going to sleep like that. These are the same smells I find myself craving!! Your list best describes them best!

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Lauren, I can co-relate to quite a few smell and food cravings. I crave the smell of leather. I will walk around shoe stores just to get the smell and bought a pair of leather dansko clogs. Its been going on for at least a year. I also crave the smell of air conditioning and water vapor from those diffuser things that create spooky mist at Halloween. Another one is the smell of stain, not straight from the can but already applied and dried.

The lumber department of any home improvement store has always been a smell craving even not pregnant as has the smell of asphalt. Those last 2 I used to work with so maybe that explains those. I really wish I knew if it were some kind of vitamin deficiency or something that I could fix. I find myself going nuts trying to get a fix off one of them just to relax a bit.

I have the craving to smell ashes and dust. This is a weird craving. Sometimes I get the feeling to eat these whenever I smell them.

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Again this us really werid. I love the smell of permanent marker, alcohol, shoe polish, gasoline and nail polish. I did go through a period of time where I forgot about the smell but I unfortunately came back to it. Im now starting to think im addicted to the smell of bleach. I have to clean with it everyday and make sure i leave some on my hands to smell for later or before bed. Not like a strong smell of it just so it smells like i just got out of a pool or a waterpark. I have no clue whats wrong with me this whole smell thing has just came about after i had surgery in August to remove a uterine septum, not sure if they have anything to do with each other.