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One across goes into sociology: A neglected feature of mass culture

Solution is ISH i. Solution is HI i. Another very neat clue. Well played. Solution is DO i. This means setters have clues lined up for future use in much the same way as newspaper editors have pre-prepared obituaries. Solution is IN i. Solution is RA i. Solution is TA i. As repeats go, this is a doozie. Somebody call the Fortean Times! Solution is LUM, a Scottish word for a chimney i.

Solution is HAT i. Solution is AMEN i. Solution is RE i. Solution is A i. A clue that scans rather well. Solution is P i. Solution is BOON i. Which I am doing now, obviously. Solution is LEG i. No, me neither. One I got from the wordplay, clearly. An easier time of it this week, though there were still a few exotic solutions to keep things spicy. I hope you find them useful. As ever, a spot of housekeeping first. If you have a recent Times Jumbo Cryptic that has left you baffled in some way, then you might find my Just For Fun page a fine place to visit.

If you like reading more than just crossword solutions, however, then I have a few book reviews that might interest you too. On with the show. Solution is GEN i. Solution is ROSA i. Solution is SUB i. Answer: TYRE i. Solution is BIRO i. Solution is ALL i. Solution is EN i.


A freshman is a new entrant to a school or college. Me too. Solution is C a recognised abbreviation of circa, i. Solution is NS i.

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Solution is PECT i. One I got solely through the wordplay. Answer: SHOE i. Solution is APE i. Solution is OS i. Solution is MEAN i. Solution is SANE i. Answer: REEK i. Answer: RAP. Answer: X-RAY i. Solution is XY i. Solution is ESC i. One I got from the wordplay and a quick shufti through my Chambers. Solution is RUB i.

This is one of those words I heard once and it immediately stuck. In this case, I have The Day Today to thank. Resists urge to fill rest of blog post with favourite quotes….

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  • Answer: DEED i. In mathematics, a torus is a doughnut-shaped thing. Solution is OR i. Another one I knew, weirdly. Not me. I start my day with a manly shot of tabasco sauce in each eye. Solution is TEAM i.

    A national sport?

    Solution is RULE i. Solution is G i. A near carbon-copy of this clue only a couple of weeks ago. Come on, ed! Solution is VIP i. A cool word, still. So now you know. Right-oh, then. One of those weird clues where the solution was significantly easier than the wordplay used to derive it!

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    Solution is NIL i. Answer: TALC. Within the context of the clue you might use a little talc to help protect an area of the skin. Unless you wear black. Answer: AMMO i. Answer: SPIT i. Solution is SIT i. Answer: SUE i.

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    Solution is SUET i. Who gave Jacob Rees-Mogg the keys to the crossword generator again? A novelty this week, then, as I post an incomplete grid. Thanks to Mark in the comments for saving the day! Before we jump in, some housekeeping in time-honoured fashion. If you have a soft spot for horror fiction then my Reviews page carries a few odds and sods for you to pick over. Finally, the solution for puzzle has been published.

    Solution is WOLF i. Solution is CHAS i. You can see how this fits the clue. Solution is TABU i. Solution is TIE i. The solution is EX i. Blimey, a solution I knew! A gun, then. Ask your parents, kids. Solution is I i. A handful of kids have been conceived recently using the DNA from three people.

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    Solution is LACK i.